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With Kisses From Cecile Book Cover cropp


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A story of love and redemption...

...drawn from real life


Maggie Ruth Mitchell's failed reconciliation with her unfaithful husband leaves her hearthbroken--and pregnant. She accepts her family's invitation to Paris to pay homage to Cecile, whose World War I era pen pal letters to Maggie's great-grandmother Ruth are cherished family mementoes. Through reading Cecile's letters and learning about Ruth's tragic past, will Maggie find the strength to forgive and love again?


In the year 1919 following World War I, Ruth and Cecile begin corresponding through an American-French pen pal program. Cecile is fighting against consumption, a life-threatening illness. Ruth is hiding the truth about a tragic death that has torn her family apart. She draws strength to face what fate brings from her pen pal's inspiring  letters, each signed With Kisses from Cecile.

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