The Story


My name is Jan Agnello and I'm the antique dealer, designer, and storyteller behind Storyology Design. I started my business in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2013. As a Storyologist, I consider myself part of the new trend in the world of antiquing; a movement toward helping lover's of all things old to experience antiques in new ways. We all understand we live in a world moving at warp speed, so most of us don't have the time or inclination to stuff a curio cabinet full of chat-key's. 

Great souvenirs from our past are almost metaphysical objects. Most of us know the value of an antique increases exponentially, both in our minds and pocket books, if we know something about it. Perhaps now you may begin to understand why I'm so obsessed with antique coin purses. Call me crazy, but when I find a little coin purse and learn all I can about it, I don't want to put it back in a drawer or a cabinet. I want to continue the experience and share it with others.  

I love the idea that when I design an antique couture coin purse necklace it took one hundred years to make it!  Many types of antique (circa 1830-1930) coin purses were handcrafted back then, and now again, when I design them into a necklace. My ultimate goal is to let the little purse be my muse so that I can write a seamless new chapter in it's transformation into a necklace.

The coin purses are hard to find so it took over a year to develop a network of buyers around the world, resulting in what I believe to be the largest collection of antique coin purses for sale in the United States. I do this so my customers get a diverse selection when shopping in person at antique shows and online. Admirers from around the world have soughtout this curated collection of antique coin purse necklaces. Recently, an Italian buyer purchased a coin purse necklace made from the first silent film merchandising: a man-in-the-moon automaton where you wiggled the moon's ear and he spit out a French franc.  The purse was sold as a novelty for the French silent film, “The Astronomer's Dream,” at the 1889 Paris Exhibition.  

I hope you share my aesthetic of what's beautiful and worth preserving.  Anyone who likes assemblage jewelry, Georgian, Victorian and, Edwardian jewelry, or Steampunk is a fan.  But here's my disclaimer. My obsession is contagious! Collecting these necklaces has become an obsession for some of my customers. They don't quite have a curio cabinet full, but I know this Storyologist is responsible for the overflow of many a jewelry boxes.

What else can you look forward to from Storyology Design? 

Kiss Thimble Tassel Necklaces: Taking inspiration from the book “Peter Pan,” where a thimble symbolized a kiss, I've begun a popular line of “Kiss Thimble Tassel Necklaces.”  I use antique Victorian Thimbles and make them into tassel necklaces. 

Custom orders: I often have customers ask me to custom design necklaces using their own family purses and other trinkets. I recently had a woman bring me trinkets her daddy had worn on his hat most of his life. When the customer picked up the necklace, we both fought back tears. It's such an honor to design pieces that are part of a greater story, like when I design wedding necklaces using trinkets from the bride and the groom's families. 

Victorian Love Token Necklaces: Storyology Design is introducing Victorian “Love Token” necklaces.  These necklaces are made of coins where one side of a coin was hand engraved with stunning monograms and designs.  

Storyology Sterling: Art Nouveau Sterling Necklaces using the fabulous sterling silver chatelaine pieces created by the Unger Brothers, a premier American silversmith. These necklaces sell quickly so check back often in order to snag one.

To see Storyology Design's necklaces in person, shop the Scott Antique Market North Building, Jonesboro, GA, on the second weekend of each month, and Lakewood 400 Antique Market H Hall, Cumming, GA, every third weekend of the month. Check Storyology Design's Facebook page for updates!

           Jan Agnello, Storyologist  

           Jan Agnello, Storyologist